Friday, July 4, 2014

Maine - Quiet Bay

This was a lovely little bay area in Maine--I honestly can't remember the town--but it was within an hour's drive of Portland.  If anyone recognizes it, please let me know!  The pastel painting itself is 11" x 5.25", but is framed in a slightly distressed dark brown 2" frame, making it 15" x 9" approximately.  I have used a special "water white" glass which shows color accurately and reduces the reflection.

The photo inspiration for this painting was taken on a weekend trip to Maine to visit our daughter and she loves to take us to beautiful spots to enjoy the scenic views of the water and Maine landscape.  This was late afternoon and the long shadows coming from the west indicate the soon-to-be setting sun.  Hope you enjoy this piece and it takes you on a little vacation of your own.  ..and Happy July 4th!

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