Sunday, March 18, 2012

Evening Reflection


Evening Reflection is a small watercolor, 6.75 x 10" done on Arches 140# paper. I like doing these little moody, atmospheric pieces by layering washes and working wet into wet and just seeing what happens! They tend not to be a particular place, just a remembrance of many landscapes I have seen and loved. The biggest challenge with these pieces in reproducing for the internet is getting the color as close to the original painting as possible. With layering, you get many subtleties of color, not always easy to capture and reproduce. If anyone has any tips on that aspect, please let me know!


  1. That's so beautiful! And so aptly named. It certainly evokes reflection in the mind, and portrays lovely reflection in the painting as well. Very nicely done!

  2. Sensational watercolour Vikki. Happy Painting.
    thank you for the 'like' over at DPW facebook page.

    1. Hi Nora, You're most welcome for the "like" and thanks for following my blog!