Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Falling in love

Red Apple-A Second Look--Sometimes I think painting is like falling in love.  You create this artwork and just love it.  And then with a little time to really study it--well, you see a few flaws or maybe something you can make a little better.  So you don't throw away the painting, you try to make adjustments and see if it'll work.  I think that most of the time there's a really good chance that it will make the whole better.

So I really loved my first pass at this painting and then thought--hmm,  a darker background could be really nice.  Let's try it!  I was pleased with the increased contrast and made a fairly good transition between the old background, new background, and the foreground shadows.  Always tricky in watercolor (or love!)  Would love your comments. 

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Painting process--continued

Like most of us in the northeast, I'm thinking SPRING!  I had some photos from a set up I had done last Spring and never painted, so I did some cropping to come up with this charcoal sketch.  I'm a little unresolved as to what the background will be--light or dark--my photo source was light.  I may do another sketch or perhaps a color study to work that out.  This is what I like about the "painting process"--giving myself permission to try different things and just see how they work  without worrying about producing a "perfect" product.  I'm sure many artists can appreciate and associate with that feeling.